ESTATE SALES are a testament to history and family, 

tradition, culture and collection. 

ESTATE SALES from A-Z includes everything from start to finish, 

to showcase and sell treasures and collectibles from small 

knick knacks to grand pianos.  

Our team and I work together and can do it all.  I am back on the Cape from Miami 

where I did Estate Sales for 18 years mostly high end.  It's good to be back and we are ready to sell your collections and prized possessions for top dollar.  

Email or call me and we will get this estate emptied out and cleaned up so you can 

get on with your life.   

I know there are a lot of Estate Sale companies on the Cape but I have fun doing this 

and I had the best experience working in Miami with 

the estates of the rich and famous.  

My crew and I have what you need, you have my word! - Gary H Hagberg